God Slow Me Down

In this month’s discussion, we tackle on the concept of busyness. A link provided by this month’s host, Luke the Powerful, is posted as a reference. Luke writes: I’m pasting an article in here that caught my attention. It was written by a very busy guy who outlines his top six priorities in life. I think the order of my top six may be slightly different than his, but his reasons are pretty interesting.   http://michaelhyatt.com/priority-management-and-life-balance.html

A second link provided by Catie the Noble is posted as another reference. She states (even the smiley icon is a direct quote from her):

I’m sharing this super long article in a blog but even if you read bits and pieces you’ll get the picture. It references scripture where even Jesus took time to rest so enjoy and hopefully it’ll give you a different outlook on work like it did for me 🙂



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