You Give Me Rest

The following is a quote from Manisha the Wise:

Below is a picture-quote that highlights something she’s written in a blog. This is such a great quote and I have spent a lot of time reflecting on it, especially given my circumstances of being forced into rest, in a society that values work and production and thrives on that idea, and a culture where you hear “I’m busy” as a way of life.

“Rest is a conscious fast that offers us the power of a listening life. A day of rest creates a cadence that says: my internal life in God is more important than my output; therefore, I will fast my output and quiet my life to listen for God.”

The blog is written by Sara Hagerty as a guest post on another blog. She discusses what it’s like to try and rest as a mom of five, and the importance of rest in a life of busyness. Their family takes Saturdays at noon and just stops whatever is going on to be at rest.

The struggle I see, especially in young adults is where to start and how to be at rest. She suggests in the post: “Whether for a day, or an hour, just.start.somewhere. Leave the dishes untouched and the laundry spilling over, and sit in the awkwardness of quiet — when you have a hundred reasons not to be quiet — until it doesn’t feel awkward anymore and He feels near.”

If you’d like to read it:



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